Week 4 of my MKE journey

I was overwhelmed after the webinar and I could not stay back for the mastermind to learn more.

I’m trying to keep up as much as I can.

I also manage to complete my chore this week. I did a one hour run on my birthday this week. I told my wife that this is the birthday present from myself.

Below is a Facebook post from my daughter. It’s one of if not the best birthday gift I’ve received. I would like to share this with the community.

“Living in this country and this season, we are blessed to have more than everything we need. So for my Daddy Tan Wee Boon’s birthday, I’ve decided to give him the gift of memories. Specifically, memories of him from my childhood. As I look at my own children now, I wonder how many of the moments we share will linger on in their memories. Science tells us that we hardly remember things that happened before we turned four. So, I guess that means N is only just beginning to have memories that will matter, and we’re still in blank space for J. Now that I’m in my thirties, I guess my own Dad needn’t wonder what I remember ‘cos now I’m going to tell him!

As childhood memories go, these are really moments more than anecdotes. I remember all of them as snapshots rather than film reels … but more importantly I remember how I felt. And all those feelings were good ones 🙂

Memory #1:

Watching a werewolf horror movie with my Dad (which starred Jack Nicholson – amazing isn’t it, the details we remember??). We lived in Scotland at the time, when my Dad was doing his degree. I remember huddling behind him on the beanbag, and he was trying to shield me from the scariest parts of the movie (the human’s transformation into wolf). He had ushered me out of the living room, and we were fidgeting around outside, wondering when the scary moment would be over and we could run back in. Little did we know the moment we went back into the room there was a huge close-up of Jack Nicholson’s whiskered and fang-toothed face in all its scary glory and I remember screams and giggles and general pandemonium all round. I got the sense that I wasn’t supposed to be watching the flick anyway but boy, was hanging around with my Daddy fun!

Memory #2:

Snowball fight in the stairwell of the building we stayed in. When I was older I discovered that my parents, being really poor at the time, decided to have us stay in really low-cost housing that was pretty dodgy. I had no clue of it at the time. I always felt safe, warm, and there was fun to be had with my dad around. He was chasing me up (or down?) the stairwell, with a glimpse of white snow and a cold blast of wind coming from the courtyard where we’d been making snowballs. He was trying to aim a snowball at my butt. I remember being breathlessly, whole-heartedly happy.

Memory #3:

A moment from my teen years, in secondary school, before band practice one Saturday morning. He’d driven me to practice as usual. As a Sec 3 senior in the band then, I’d been entrusted with certain committee duties. I think back then, as I sometimes still am now, I was overly earnest, placed undue pressure on myself, and didn’t know how to communicate how overwhelmed I was to the people around me. I burst into tears when we arrived at the parking lot below the band room, and he was utterly taken aback (but I think, still tried to comfort me). I don’t remember anything else of that incident, except that in the end I was okay, and still went to practice, and eventually figured out how to work out all that stress. The feeling I remember as I cried then in the car was that even though I was totally melting down and completely not holding it together, my Dad was there with me (as he had always been, sending me to school faithfully from the time I started primary school even till when I was relief teaching and later on working as a teacher). Dads give their children strength, simply by just being there.

Memory #4:

Again, in the car. We had stopped at a traffic junction near our home. Dad had picked me up from school because my Yeye had passed away. I can’t remember who told me the news, but I remember us talking about it in the car. Can’t remember what he said now, but I knew he was torn up inside, mirroring my own feeling of sadness that had pooled somewhere low in my stomach. It was the first passing of a close family member that I had ever experienced in my life, and Dad was there with me. I can’t remember now whether it actually happened or where and how it happened, but I remember him holding me, with me crying against his chest. I knew he shared my pain and was bearing even more of it, since it was his own dad who had passed away. That helped me through the most difficult moment, this most stabbing rite of growing up – seeing the ones we love pass away.

(Ahh, a bonus Memory #5: Back in Scotland, my Dad used to study in my room while I slept. I remember the warm orange glow of his study lamp, us quietly together in the room while I daydreamed and drifted off to sleep, and he tackled his studies. Now I try to recreate these soft, lazy moments at bedtime for my own children. Though neither Galvs nor I study in the bedroom, switching off the main light and putting on the cozy reading lamps is a nightly ritual, and I believe it helps tune the kids in to bedtime – a time to know you are safe, you are loved, and in a warm bed.)

Thanks Daddy, for being with me through these moments. I bet you didn’t remember, so I’m sharing them here for you 🙂 Love you always! and have a Blessed Birthday!!”

My Facebook link is https://www.facebook.com/boonnetwk

Please share if the above sharing has touch you.

Journey on…….


Week 3 of my MKMMA journey

I was abit lost in the beginning 2 weeks. I was trying to get everything sorted out. I have to wake up at 03:45 to get ready for the webinar. The first session was bad. The following day, I was struggling to keep awake for my working day.

I manage to get the second blog post up.

I’ve received the comments for my DMP from Derek. I’m revising it.

It’s a good feeling to have kept my promise of doing the promised weekly ‘chore’. It’s in light with one of my PPN, which is True Health. My chore was do 2 runs for the week. My next chore is to restart my sessions at the gym for this week.

There so much to learn here. I’m still exploring the various tools in WordPress. I’m thankful that I got to start a ‘Blog’.

Now off to doing my DMP revision. See you guys again later.

Oh I’ve just received my GS from Amazon. As assigned, I’ll be “digging” into it.

I always keep my Promise.

Week 2 of my MKMMA experience

My PPN is Helping Others and True Health.

For week two, I did my first DMP revision after the 1st comments received from my guide.

I’m still trying to maneuver around the platform to find the various menus.

I also manage to print out the various materials from the platform, such as the worksheets and the lesson.

I also had a Zoom meeting with my guide Derek. It was a good start to knowing who is in the team. It’s refreshing to know that we’ll be on this learning journey together. I also signed up the App ‘marco polo’ on my mobile phone.

I’m still trying to get to the routine of setting time for the various daily activities.

I kept my promise for my promised task of the week

The Masterkey Experience – Week 1

Here we go…..

I heard about blogging much earlier. It is needed for any internet endeavour. I never liked writing. That’s the reason why I’m procrastinating in starting one.

I’ve been following Mark J of the ‘world laziest networker’. His post is always helping me in various areas of the network marketing world.

I’ve been looking at using the internet to help build my network marketing business. I’ve read about attraction marketing and always thought this is the way to go.

I’m jumping head on, not quite knowing what I’m in for. But reading about all the outcomes of past graduates, I’m inspired.

Started slowly, doing what is required to follow along the course.

I’ve ordered the books from Amazon and waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime, I’ve downloaded the audio version and listened to it for a headstart.

Hope to catch up and stay on schedule…….